Representative Lynn Hutchings
House District 42
        UPDATE!!!!!            We were not victorious in our race for Senate District 5!

Friends and Faithful Supporters,

Please accept my apology for not updating my site immediately post election. Spotty internet connections hindered the ability to do so while traveling. After campaigning my husband and I attended a family reunion near Charleston, SC.  We enjoyed a wonderful road trip returning to Cheyenne the third of September.  

I received 43% of the district votes, but was not victorious.  I am very pleased however, with my race and how I conducted myself.  I look back with no regrets. My campaign was filled with honesty and integrity; however, the media and anonymous groups mounted fierce opposition.  I personally visited the households of over 4,500 voters and met some of the most wonderful people.  I give glory to G-D for this opportunity.

I truly enjoy serving the people of House District 42.  I am, however, looking forward to resting, spending time with my family, and serving my community in whatever way G-D has planned.

Thank you for your financial support, encouraging words and deeds.  As always, it means a lot.

I plan to keep my website up and running for a while.  Please return for updates in the future.

With warm regards,

Lynn Hutchings

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