Thank you for your Endorsement!

We have worked hard at Hutchings For House to speak with everyone in House District 42. Lynn has personally knocked on over 1,700 doors.  She was able to meet with many of those in the district, and speak with them personally.  Some for one minute, some for over two hours.   Lynn also returned to some households to provide a requested personal interview!

Lynn has evidenced her willingness to go the extra mile to reach those in the district.  She listened to the district's constituents and had consistent message at each doorstep.  Some Candidates talk about plans they have for the Legislature.  But Lynn listened to you, to determine what you wanted to see in the Legislature.   As a result, she discovered many of you share the same goals she has.  You may not agree with her on each of the issues, but you will agree Lynn has the strong values we all appreciate, and that she is a principled individual.  Lynn is willing to put those in House District 42 first. 

The following groups endorse Lynn Hutchings for the next Representative of House District 42 because of their shared values among them being Limited Government, Free Enterprise, Education and Competitive Markets:  

  • Wyoming Trucking Industry