Elect Representative Lynn Hutchings
to Senate District 5
(Encompassing House Districts 8 & 42)

                               YES, I AM CAMPAIGNING TO BE YOUR SENATOR!
                                              & I would love to have your support!!!

Many of you may ask "why?" On the last day of the Budget Session I was approached by a senator who asked if I was going to run for Senate. I told him that “God would have to kick me in the butt to get me to do that."  He drove away with a smile, saying “Get ready to get kicked in the butt."   Well, ever since that day I have been thinking, and praying, about whether I could serve more effectively in the senate, and came to the conclusion, that as your senator, I could do a better job protecting your rights, your liberty, and your prosperity.

As your representative, I do not take this move lightly.  I recall trying to educate our current senator on issues of importance and saw that he, on almost every occasion, voted the opposite of how I voted as your representative.  I researched his record and found out he voted ​Yes on increasing your taxes on gas by 10 cents per gallon. He voted Yes on the unconstitutional bill SF104.  A Yes vote effectively took away the citizen's vote for the constitutional office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The only office that the public votes for dealing with education.  He voted Yes on the Budget, which increased government spending, removing more of your hard earned money from your pocket and transferring it to the government. As I noticed the trend, I also realized that the current senator did not follow the Republican Party Platform in a majority of his votes. These observations made it difficult to ignore the constant “kicks in the butt”  I was getting urging me to campaign for the office of your senator. 

A legislator needs specific principles and standards that voters can use to monitor how their legislator will vote.  If a question arises as to why a legislator voted a certain way, the legislator should always be willing and able to point to his stated principles and standards in explaining his vote.  What are my principles and standards? I look to see what God dictates first (I am a Christian), then I look to the Wyoming Constitution and the U.S. Constitution to make sure the legislation is constitutionally permissible. Next, I look to our Republican Party Platform.  Finally, I look to see if it is a prudent exercise of legislative power protecting the rights and liberty of the  people of Wyoming; if yes, then I will vote "Aye," if no, then I will vote "No."

I accept the challenges this decision will bring, knowing that we all must do our part to make sure that our government is sustainable and limited to its proper objects and truly reflects the consent of the governed.  Senate District 5 includes House Districts (HD) 42 and 8. In 2012 I knocked on over 1,700 doors in HD 42, now I will spend the summer of 2014 knocking on over 2,400 in HD 8.  I will also meet with any individual in HD 42 who may have specific concerns.

I look forward to meeting as many people as I can and letting them know the principles and standards that will always inform my actions as a Wyoming legislator.

With warm regards,

Lynn Hutchings

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